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 History of Cafe|Qonquer

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History of Cafe|Qonquer Empty
PostSubject: History of Cafe|Qonquer   History of Cafe|Qonquer Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 1:21 am

This guild got a long history. It first begin when the server was still in Qo1 by Lakshya. When he left due to personal reason, the guild was transfer to me. After a few time, I had to go too and the guild switch leader until Qo2 arrives. Since then, WaterHazard is in charge.
Quote :
Idea behind Cafe Qonquer
I don't treat Cafe| Qonquer as a guild I treat it as a Cafe where people meet share their things have fun, talk and laugh together, get to know each other and help each other when one needs it. In this guild we act as light hearted players, there should be no attitude problems between player if you consider you are not in a guild but in a Cafe. The main idea is that everyone is equal and can voice their opinions, the guild is not only run by the Guild Leaders and Deputy Leaders but it is run by all of us and all of us will be participating in each decision of the guild.

Geraldine, your mistery DL.
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History of Cafe|Qonquer
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