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 Guild Objective & Rules

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Guild Objective & Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guild Objective & Rules   Guild Objective & Rules Icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2009 12:50 am


1. Peace is the first thing I want in this guild. I don’t like enemies. I don’t like dealing with them either. Its wastage of time rather then hunting/leveling or working on your equips you kill each other and waste each others time and energy. Not a constructive work in my opinion.

2. Unity is the next thing I am looking forward to. I know it is hard and almost impossible to achieve but even if I can see unity between 10 percent of the guildies I will be happy. This is a very hard goal and everyone of us know that its will be hard to achieve but lets give it a try and you know if we succeed we will end up with the most precious thing in the word “Brotherhood and Friendship”.

Rules of Guild

1. Pking innocent people won’t be tolerated at all. If me or any Deputy finds that you pked someone for no reason you will be kicked out.

2. Control your pking. If someone kses you, spams you or annoy you its ok to pk him/her once which is like a warning, but don’t go excessive over killing them, I wouldn’t like to see you red and be sure that you will need to talk to me if you go red. Remember KOS is a noob word no one can actually KOS someone and take the risk of going black.

3. Ksing others will not be tolerated, if someone reports you will be kicked out. If you don’t know the meanings of Ksing ask in the guild.

4. Help our allies of they ask for spawn and you think you can level at other spawn let them use it or at least tell them that you will be there for some time and will whisper them when the spawn will be free remember giving something away doesn’t makes you smaller it makes you bigger. It’s like a big brother.

5. Don’t spam the guild chat Requesting for stuff or plvl. We take absolutely no responsibility to plvl you, its not our job the game is about lvling so lvl yourself if you cant Quit QO and definately we don't want guildies who are too lazy to lvl themsleves. If you are above 70 don't expect plvling if you are not a water tao and you are not ready to stig. We may let you in team but don't ask us to kick someone (it doesn't matter if that someone is a guildie or not).

6. Don’t ask for free mets and db. Everyone works for their stuff and we expect you also to work for it. Remember respect is everything. And again please don’t spam.

Geraldine, your mistery DL.
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Guild Objective & Rules
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