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PostSubject: DrDomination's APP   DrDomination's APP Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 5:30 pm

Char names: DrDomination
Levels of chars: RB level 10X (Fire)

How long have you played qonquer/conquer: I've played qonquer since the start, but I had forgotten my account's name and pass, so I had to start a new account

And I've played Conquer since I was like 10 and stopped when I was 14.

What do you like about the game?: I like everything about the game, but the main reason is because of taos they're fun to play as.

Why do you want to join this guild?: I want to join this guild because my fire tao was in it, but then I stopped using it and me and my friends created a guild so I was in that one.

Why do you think we should have you as a new member?: I think you should have me because I was previously in it and I won't be a noob, complain or beg.

What do you expect from this guild and its members?: I expect to be treated nicely and respected, oh and have fun!

Where are you from?: Headingley, MB, Canada

Age: 15

Hobbies: Playing my bass

Other games you like to play: Afro Samurai, Burnout Paradise, L4D, Saints Row 2, and COD4

Favorite music: Screamo, Metal, anything loud.
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DrDomination's APP
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