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 Roflzz - Application

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PostSubject: Roflzz - Application   Roflzz - Application Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 6:51 am

Char names:Roflzz

Levels of chars:Almost 100

How long u have played qonquer/conquer:Conquer=3 years ,QO = v.1.1-v3

What do you like about the game?: everything about it

Why do you want to join this guild?: I AM an Ex Member of the guild and i do think this is by far the best guild in Qo

Why do you think we should have you as a new member?: Im Freindly, Im Out Going, I Listen and help when needed, anything else :S
What do you expect from this guild and its members?: Nothing, Should I?

Where are you from?:Land Down Under - Australia

Hobbies:I am a member of the NSW Rural Fire Service

Other games you like to play: Vendetta Online

Favorite music: Dont mind any music just not screamo

Thanks for the time reading my application i hope to hear from you,

Kind Regards
Roflzz - Jason

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Roflzz - Application
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